Information about climate conditions and the location of our nursery

The nursery is situated at the foot of the Bieszczady Mountains, at about 300 m above sea level. According to Bugala, Chylarecki and Bojarczuk its location can be placed in the 5th climate zone. However, following Alfred Rehder, the former head of the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, and his original plan of the US climate zones, our nursery qualifies for the 4th zone with temperatures between -23,3°C and -28,9°C in winter. Yet, in accordance with the USDA it is located in the 4a zone.

Our own experience has given us enough evidence to claim that winter in Bircza is very harsh and the temperatures reach down to -35°C ramaining at that level for longer periods of time. Summer is hot and rainy with temperatures reaching 35-36°C.

Within the last several years a certain decrease in the annual precipitation has been observed. Therefore, we were forced to intensify the artificial irrigation during the summer period.